Below is a diagram of the Tecumseh engine from Woodings Railcar.

Tecumseh 4-cycle motor-OH180-180017C

The following two pages contain a complete list of original Tecumseh part numbers which cross reference the diagram above (from Woodings Railcar).

Tecumseh 4-cycle engine parts list page 1

Tecumseh 4-cycle engine parts list page 2

Below are diagrams and parts lists for both the carburetor and starter motor from Woodings Railcar.

Woodings Railcar Carburetor and Starter Motor breakdowns


Below is the Tecumseh parts list which provides additional diagrams and views not seen in the Woodings parts list.

Download the PDF file .

Below is a complete electrical system diagram.

Woodings Electrical Diagram

Below is the Tecumseh Technician’s Handbook.

Download the PDF file .

Below is the Tecumseh Quick Reference Service Information guide.

Download the PDF file .

Below is the Tecumseh Quick Facts Service Information (mini version of Quick Reference guide above).

Download the PDF file .

The photo below is of a sign mounted in the cab of the motorcar. It explains the engine starting and transmission shifting procedures. Also included are maintenance instructions covering engine oil viscosity, transmission and drive box lube type, fill and drain plugs and grease point locations.


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